Doon Po Sa Amin: May Gulayan sa Paaralan

Project Description

Gulayan sa Paaralan is a collaborative effort of the school and the community to promote tree planting and gardening within the compounds of a small space.

This aims to make young participants to be concious of their surroundings. People do not need big spaces just to be able to plant. That they can have their own gardens even at the confines of their own homes or small backyard.


Team Profile

The Implementors of the Program

The group compose of the administrators, teachers in every grade level, our EPP head teacher and the parent-teacher-association.

The Gardeners

The group is compose of pupils in every grade level and the people in the community of San Agustin where the school is located.


To organize the project the school and the community joined together to make the activity possible. Implementors of the project focus more in the importance of having your own garden. The benefits that you get from home grown vegetables and the money that they can save if they have it.

Teachers assigned their pupils to bring their own materials like empty cans, empty water containers and any materials where in they can put soil and plant in it. For the community, PTA officers was assigned to different area with in the barangay so that they can monitor the development of the gulayan.

Vegetable seedlings come from the host school where the nursery is located.

During the course of the project, the school keep track of the development of Gulayan sa Paaralan and the development of the gardens within the community. Every pupil share their time and energy to keep the garden clean and the pupils helped in planting the vegetables in the garden.

The Study

Before farming is the chief occupation of the people in the barangay. As years go by, changes and development took place. To bring back the spirit of farming even at the small confines of their home, project gulayan sa paaralan arise.

Expected Outcome

Community awareness about gardening and the benefits that they can get out of it. They can have organic vegetable on their table, they were able to make use of the small space that they have and they can also save money since at times they will not buy vegetables as part of the ingredients in cooking their food.


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